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Strike Update Day 105 - (6/3/2008)

Strike Update Day 105 – (6/3/2008)

Day 105 – The strike line has been calm this past week as a lot of members and delegates have been attending an SEIU Convention in Puerto Rico – May 31-June 4. The members who are still on the line have been keeping up the pressure except now they are chanting “What do we want? […]

Strike Update Day 104 - (6/2/2008)

Strike Update Day 104 – (6/2/2008)

Day 104 – Today was just one of those nice spring days where it is not too hot or cold, the sun was shining, the strikers were singing and all was pretty peaceful except for the fact the nursing home thinks the sidewalk is there own private parking area.     Not only the sidewalk […]

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