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Strike Update Day 129 - (6/27/2008)

Strike Update Day 129 – (6/27/2008)

Day 129 – Once again the strike line is strong and many members were on the line chanting, they even received a visit from one of the family members.     I have been told that one of the directors (Tony) has been bothering the strikers by yelling names at them, before you start with […]

Strike Update Day 128 – (6/26/2008)

Day 128 – Looks like we are back to the same routine today, parking on the sidewalk without penalty. What gives here, one day the NYPD is writing tickets and the next nothing? There was even an officer posted here today and still not a ticket to be found.     Funny how all these […]

Strike Update Day 127 - (6/25/2008)

Strike Update Day 127 – (6/25/2008)

Day 127 – The strike has been going for over four months and still the nursing home has not budged from it’s position of non-negotiation. The striking members are still standing strong and to date there has not been one union member to defect and cross back over the picket line. That is a real […]

Strike Update Day 126 – (6/24/2008)

Day 126 – The strike still carries on and the weather is playing nice for the striking members. Again today I saw many children on the line, I guess this will be the case for most of the summer as it is hard to find daycare and even harder when you don’t have benefits.   […]

Fort Independence Park Closed or Open?

The Parks Department has come to us and asked how we feel about the Fort Independence Park being closed after dark. For some time the gates on both ends of the park have been locked after the park closes, which is usually after dusk.   There are people that are sitting on both sides of […]

Strike Update Day 125 – (6/23/2008)

Day 125 – Today was a quiet day as far as news goes, the line is still strong and represented well. No new movement has been made by either side to end this strike. It seems like there are many coals in the fire but nothing really creating a flame yet.   On the street […]

Strike Update Day 122 – (6/20/2008)

Day 122 – Once again I start the post with cars parking on the sidewalk.     Also today I snapped a picture of Tony from the nursing home, he is always telling me “take a picture, take a picture” so I had to take this one. He was outside starting with the strikers, I […]

Strike Update Day 121 – (6/19/2008)

Day 121 – The striking members are still on the line standing strong. I have been seeing more and more children on the line lately, the reason is the striking members don’t have child care. When Helen cut the benefits it also included Child Care funds along with many other finds like education, retirement, etc. […]

Strike Update Day 120 - (6/18/2008)

Strike Update Day 120 – (6/18/2008)

Day 120 – Today I am going to post a different kind of post, yesterday someone commented on my post and had many points that I want to answer. Instead of answering them in a comment which many would miss, I decided to take his post and put it up here as my daily update. […]

First Day of Summer Concert

We’re having another “First day of Summer” concert in Fort Independence Park this Saturday, June 21, between 2:30 and 6.   To add to the fun, this year we have Gus Amador playing too!   Last year FIPNA sponsored a First Day of Summer concert on June 21 in the Fort Independence Park. The music […]

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