Strike Update Day 98 – (5/27/2008)

Day 98 – I still can’t believe I am counting in the 90’s, this Thursday will be day 100 of this unfair strike. What is it going to take to end this bitter one sided battle? If you look at all the previous posts and all the news articles you can basically surmise that Helen just doesn’t want to pay benefits nor does she want to have union workers, however when she took over the home it was a union shop and she knew what she was getting into.


I find it funny that I can speak to many family members that come out of the nursing home and they each have a different story to tell, but yet according to this story in the NY Times, Helen stated that Kingsbridge Heights “continues to provide the highest level of care to its residents.” She added that the Health Department had not found any deficiencies in care since the strike began. I mean come on already, how come people that are inside everyday visiting family can come out and state deficiencies but yet the DOH has not found any?


Since I am posting this late, I have had a chance to see two new articles in the Riverdale Press. One is “Asthma attack kills uninsured striker” and another “Siblings attempt to evict owner of embattled home“. It is very interesting that according to Helen’s family she hasn’t been paying rent since her lease on the land expired in 2004, and want to kick her out. Of course Helen denies all of this and says that her family is trying to steal her business out from under her.


The good news from the article, “The issue of Ms. Sieger’s late payments to her siblings is scheduled to appear before a jury next week in Bronx County Civil Court”. Let’s see if anything gets accomplished as it seems Helen is in and out of court for many years with everyone.


Now back to the strike line, I was asked by Curtis (Kervin) why I didn’t use his good picture instead of his barbecue one with his tank top on, well to make him happy here he is in his suit.




Happy now Curtis?


Now since there was not much going on today I thought I would remind everyone about the mess that the nursing home has left around this community. Let’s not forget the big hole on Giles that is now collecting garbage.




Or how about the house that was to be torn down but was not allowed to be, because FIPNA put a stop to it! It is also collecting garbage and is now a hazardous condition to the community as it is vacant and open.




Why doesn’t the nursing home at least clean up their mess? It is not that hard to do, get a rake, broom and dust pan and hand it to all your security guards that stand around all day and do nothing.


Lastly, someone said yesterday that they think the insider could be Nadine, your thoughts?




Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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    Man–Nadine- can you run your ain’t nothin’ but a lyin,’ whinin’ racist dried up bitter old hag who is a rat. you be goin” to Hell.

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