Strike Update Day 95 & 96 – (5/24/2008 – 5/25/2008)

Day 95 & 96 – I know I said there was going to be a part 2 to the Friday post but I just couldn’t get it all done. On Friday Audrey’s family visited the strike line and I was going to add the second post about that. Since I didn’t get it posted on Friday like I wanted I am posting it today as a weekend wrap-up. I usually do an Saturday/Sunday combined post summing up the happenings of the weekend, but since this weekend was calm and not much happened outside I am posting now about Audrey’s family and also some pictures and video of Audrey being laid to rest.




I have added a gallery for Audrey’s funeral. I received permission from Audrey’s family to post the images in the gallery and although it was a very sad time, I thought it would be nice to share with others who were not able to attend the services. You can click here to view the entire gallery. I also received a short video of the final moments when Audrey was laid to rest, you can hear the members singing in the background.



On Friday Audrey’s family came to march in the picket line with all of Audrey’s co-workers and friends. I had the honor of meeting Audrey’s husband and family, to say that they are devastated at their loss is an understatement. My heart went out to all of them and I am so glad they took the time to come to the line and march with Audrey’s co-workers and friends.








I too stood in the pen with everyone chanting the modified chant “Helen, you’re wrong to take away benefits, you’re wrong! Helen, you’re wrong to murder Audrey you’re wrong!”.




You can see that even though there was so much support for Audrey’s family it still was a very sad day and the emotions were too much to hold back for some.




Even though we were all standing there, the scab workers still came out making fun of the strikers, sticking out their tongues, laughing and you can even see one below blowing a kiss to the camera. This goes to show how much lack of respect these people have for others.




There are too many pictures to post all here so I added them to the strike gallery, click here to see them, they start midway down the page and contuinue paging through them when you reach the bottom of the gallery.


Channel 12 News was there to cover the story, thanks Dave for covering this long and drawn out strike. I was trying to get the video from News 12 online for you but I am having problems converting the format. I will have it online soon.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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10 responses to “Strike Update Day 95 & 96 – (5/24/2008 – 5/25/2008)”


    He Will Lift You
    by James H. Lee Jr.
    Though pathways we must follow,
    Be fraught with tears and grief,
    If we but take the time to pray,
    We’ll find a sweet relief,

    For praying rests the weary,
    And that is what we’ll find,
    Rest for soul and spirit,
    And rest for heart and mind.

    So when your heartaches weary you,
    There’s no need for dismay,
    Just lay your burdens at His feet
    To whom you daily pray,

    And He will lift your burden,
    And bring you sweet relief,
    And quiet every storm of life,
    And calm your heart-felt grief.

    God be with you in your loss, Audrey will be greatly missed, but she will be in our hearts forever.


    Light a Candle

    Light a candle for those we mourn.

    Into a new life they will be born.

    Do not look for them at the gravesite.

    They are somewhere else radiating their beautiful light.

    They have gone to a new world where there is no darkness, no pain.

    Their light and essence will always remain.

    Light a candle for those who have left this mortal place.

    They are free to travel through time and space.

    When we think of them, they are near.

    When we sit in a beautiful garden. Their voices we hear.

    When we listen to a divine symphony,

    We close our eyes, their faces we see.

    Light a candle for they have not really gone.

    With each flickering flame, in your hearts they will always belong.

    © A.Pell 24/08/2005

  3. Franciszek Gryzbowski

    Like every one said we all are sorry for Audrey’s death..Phil let me ask you something since you the part of the unions family now.You guys are saying that Helen killed Audrey for cuting the union’s benefits right?Another thing i remebmer you said that people join unions to get benefits.My question is if you remember when some one wrote the lady that past away Anna,She was very sick for ill say about a month not working..When she got better she came back to work but needed doctors note to say that she is ok to work ,she still needed medication but nothing serious,for what ever reason they didnt accepted her, at this point every one had health insurance,Why didnt the union didnt help her get her job back?Or thats not their job? when they didnt tried to do something to help her..Why was she paying union dues isnt that for her job protection?Why did the union took union dues from her after all these years for nothing,A full time employee pays around 800 a year in union dues she worked there for over 10 years.she past away about two months ago ..If you trying to say that Helen killed Audrey Then what did the union do to Anna.But i know in some way helen killed her to, right?Because the union is always right..You people are saying how many pation’s died so far,That the scabs are killing them because they dont know what they doing..You make it sound like nobody was dying when the strikers ware in there..I thoungt that the cna’s change the pations clean them stuff like that the nurses in there havent change they still got the same nurses.. and same doctors coming in they are the ones that keep them alive not the cna’s.

  4. Karen

    Francis, at this point, the only issue is how to end the strike.
    . . . .
    Do you know that there is no disagreement on the contract? Both sides agree, and still there is no movement to stop the strike. Why? Because the “new lawyer,” “the only outstanding issue is the arbitrator,” and “the union forcing the strike” are just excuses used to allow the operator to pay less money for the workers. It is all a matter of cost, and not because the facility is loosing money (as may be the case in other places). It is because the operator wants to make more money for themselves.
    . . . .
    People deserve the respect at the working place and that includes health care benefits. If you want to change the topic, you should find another place to write. Otherwise, this place is for people to talk about settling the strike, not discussing grievances.
    . . . .
    We are not the union, we are the neighborhood. Please try to understand and help be a part of the solution and not cause more problems.

  5. Money Man (Patrick)


    While I agree wholeheartedly with Karen’s sentiments about ending the strike being the only priority, I do feel that you have perfectly valid questions regarding Unionism. While I am unfamiliar with the person and circumstances you spoke on (and wouldn’t answer them even if I knew, out of respect for her confidentiality), maybe I can help you understand what a Union is.

    Unions don’t *protect* anyone; they *represent* workers. If a member is too sick to continue in their current position, Unions will try to negotiate (where applicable) better working circumstances. If that option is unavailable, then the person may have to take an early retirement, or go permanently on Social Security/Disability. If a person is too ill, does not have a valid immigration status, or has a revoked/suspended certification or license for whatever reason – there’s nothing to “protect.” There are basic state requirements to hold jobs in healthcare. If the person doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, they cannot continue to work in that position.

    As for dues: 1199s dues structure has a maximum of $900 per year/$75 per month. This pays for *representation,* not benefits. Show me anywhere in the United States where someone can obtain completely no-cost healthcare for $75 per month, and you will have just solved the national healthcare crisis! Millions would sign up overnight – including *ME.*

    On the issue of Helen’s responsibility in Audrey’s death: It’s a no-brainer. Pending a successor contract, the employer is responsible to continue all provisions of the former contract, minus the arbitration clause. When Helen refused to honor it, she violated a number of laws. In doing so, this resulted in Audrey’s death. That makes her responsible.

    Regarding, CNAs: You obviously don’t work in a direct-care position, or you would understand. Human beings live and thrive based on interaction; not just on pills and procedures. The feeding, changing, bathing of residents are not only physical care, but spiritual/emotional/psychological care for human beings. Without this, people will not thrive, they will die. The fact that the death rate has skyrocketed is not only a comment on the physical care the patients are now receiving, but also on the non-physical. Any nursing home can provide basic physical care. The reason the Kingsbridge Community placed their loved ones at KHRCC was simple – the non-physical care that *this specific group of workers gave to their loved ones.* When Helen drove the Members to strike (which is the last thing anyone wants to do), she not only spit in the face of the workers – but the residents, their families, and the entire community. Don’t believe me? Look outside. You will see 1199, FIPNA, COSA, Politicians, Clergy – EVERYONE. As Phil and many others have said here – they are not the Union. So why do they support us? Because they “get it.” What outrages everyone about Helen is that she “gets it” as well; she just doesn’t care. That is the highest disregard for human life anyone could possibly show to another human being. It’s also endangering human life. That is why as health care workers, a Union, and a Community – EVERYONE is involved.

    Thank you for an intelligent question. It shows you are thinking for yourself, and casting off Helen’s brainwashing. It is this kind of behavior that will help to end this strike once and for all.


  6. Pink Panther

    Yoo hoo, marty baby, mon ami, you are not fooling anybody! Other peoples were kind enough to give you a reply, however, I will not dignify your mockery of taking a Polish name and misusing it. You are i-n-c-r-e=d=i=b=l=e! But since you want to keep bringing up the past, How about all that the union did for poor sister Nadine? oh-we don’t remember or talk about that, do we? Mon Dieu, you are getting very tiresome with all your gibberish.You talk about ethnic insults yet you have the audacity to use a Polish name. SHAME ON YOU MARTIN.

  7. Karen

    Excellent answer from Patrick, thanks.

  8. christine

    I know who Franciszek Gryzbowski,employee,jman might be maybe Nadine, or Joseph or martin aka Mr scab

  9. Franciszek Gryzbowski

    hmmmmm…well well

  10. Mavis foreman


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