Strike Update Day 92 – (5/21/2008)

Day 92 – It looks like all the members are back to the strike line today. After attending the services and the funeral for Audrey the last two days it appears that everyone is back on the line to show their solidarity and to continue on with the strike that started over 3 months ago.


The members took some time to have a prayer for Audrey and remember her as they continue on.




The rest of the day on the strike line was spent chanting and singing. At this point the strike line is here more for a show of support than to actually get this strike resolved, it is now going to take agencies to intervene before some movement in the strike negotiations will happen.


I read a new article in the Riverdale Press today which I thought was a very well done article, you can read it online by clicking here.


The article addressed several family members that have concerns with the quality of care that the nursing home is currently giving its residents. If you remember back a couple of posts, someone from inside the nursing home stated that I should get my facts straight and not rely on just one persons story. It seems after reading this article that it is not just Stan or Esther (who you improperly assumed was giving us information) that has issues with the place but several other families as well.


The article had many points of interest, according to the article one family stated that “The main course was pizza, with lima bean soup for an appetizer”, this was the meal served on Mothers Day. What kind of meal is Pizza and Lima Beans soup? Was it even freshly made pizza or frozen?


Another point from the article was one woman was quoted as saying “She’s losing weight,” she said of her mother-in-law. “It’s like they don’t feed her.” now isn’t this what I said a while back about a woman resident telling everyone outside of her window that she was hungry? But then again I am making things up and only printing negative things according to the nursing home.


Another family member wants to transfer his mother out of the home, but the home reported that she was aggressive to other residents (reports he disputes) and he now cannot find another home to take her. This has been brought up many times by the union that KHRCC is holding residents by either delaying their transfers, making it difficult or not getting their paper work done in a timely fashion.


Now to be fair I will add that the article went on to quote the Department of Health as follows:


According to Health Department records, an April inspection found 12 deficiencies at the nursing home, none of which were related to actual harm or immediate jeopardy. There were an average of 23 deficiencies per nursing home statewide.


So after reading the article yourself, you can come to your own conclusions about what is really going on inside. Isn’t it funny how the management never has time to give comments to the press but when it comes to our little local neighborhood blog they have time to rant and rave.


Comments are back open again for you to add your own comments to our post. Please remember that we have added some rules to our blog to keep things on track and also to curb the kind of personal attacks that are not necessary nor will they help to end this strike.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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11 responses to “Strike Update Day 92 – (5/21/2008)”

  1. 1199 Member

    This is true, they have been delaying the paperwork (PRIs) on many residents because they are losing too many and the census is getting lower all the time.

  2. Pink Panther

    Mon Dieu, how awful for thse poor residents in the nursing home. Exactly what kind of a meal is lima bean soup and pizza? For Mother’s day no less, what a personal affront and insult to everyone. I am very sure Sieger didn’t eat that swill. How dare she? with all the money she is getting paid from Medicaid the residents should, at least, be getting a well balanced nutritional meal. What a disgrace, there is no other way to describe it. This is what they’re feeding these residents. Does anyone realize how hard it is to digest lima beans?Can you believe what you are reading in the paper, not from 1 or 2 families but from several. I’m sure a lot more family members would speak up, only do not do so in fear of retribution . This whole thing has gone way beyond bizarre.Maybe now that this has made several publications the State Department of Health, who now knows they’re being monitored by several sources, will step up and do the right thing, which they have not done up to this point.

  3. mike polinski

    it is sad to see my friends be treated like this. i know the family in paper.

  4. Karen

    Sometimes two people look at something and see it differently. Our view is apparently different from what the NYS Health Department sees.
    . . .
    We assume that a Health Inspector would look at a facility and walk up and down the halls with the white gloves like Aunt Rosie does, checking to make sure that the residents looked healthy, happy and clean. We were wrong.
    . . . .
    Apparently the Health Inspector only looks at records, not people. They only make sure that the patient is getting what is prescribed. They don’t look at the meal menu’s. They don’t look at the linens and things. They just check the books.
    . . . .
    Guess you do learn something new every day!


    hey this is martin. i have two questions. 1: how come all of you want people like me to use my real names, but you dont? if you talk the talk, walk the walk.

    2) 1199 seiu is a gigantic union with alot of money. if the deceased woman could not afford medication, why didnt the union buy it for her? 400 dollars a month for a multimillion dollar union is a drop in the bucket. im just confused is all.

  6. Phil

    Hello Martin,


    I don’t think we care if you use a fake name as long as you are not pretending to be someone you are not. Feel free to hide if you like, but if you have something real to say then why hide?


    As for 1199, we all know they have many members as well as a lot of money, that is not the point. The point is this woman wouldn’t need the union or anyone else for that matter to pay for her medicine if she was not on strike because your boss took away her health care benefits. What don’t you understand about this one fact? In this day and age of astronomical medication prices one cannot afford to pay for their own medicine. This is one of the reasons people find jobs with a good benefit plan. Until this country institutes some form of universal health care it is only going to get worse.


    I do not see why you so adamantly stand behind Helen when she is really not doing the right thing. You came here before and said some of the workers should have been fired, then why weren’t they? I am sure some of the workers on the line were great employees, do you throw out everyone because of a select few? When it comes down to it, this has nothing to do with the employees except for the fact that they required health care coverage.


    If KHRCC was losing money, I might have a different opinion on what Helen has done. The fact is KHRCC is one of the most profitable homes in the state and Helen makes a handsome salary because of it. This salary is not made because she is there everyday cleaning the residents, mopping the floors, feeding, activities, etc. She has made this money off the backs of the very people she forced to strike. Do you still think this is fair? Do you still think your boss is right?

  7. Pink Panther

    Mon ami, Martin aka NAKIBA you chose to out yourself after we figured out who you were. If you can figure out who I a m then you get the prize. I am not the one spewing vile and venom about people I worked with for years. I am merely stating my deductions based on all the information that has een brought forth. As for the union paying for the medicine , they did when they were brought the information, however, anyone knowing Audrey Smith- Campbell, knew she was a very, very proud woman and was uncomfortable asking. Now Sieger on the other hand is a cold hearted——[you can fill in the blanks] she did not even make a simple condolence call to the family. Now this was a person she worked with for all the years she has owned the nursing home. On the other hand, when our secretary for FIPNA passed away, suddenly two months ago, Sieger sent a huge floral arrangement.Now what was that about? she didn’t even really know the woman. Was she trying to buy FIPNA off with a bunch of flowers and her mockery of a sudden passing? you’re supposed to be so bright -you figure it out.

  8. Money Man (Patrick)

    As Featured on C-SPAN: Honoring a Fallen Health Care Worker:



  10. Karen

    Nice comment on the floor of the House of Representative by Congressman Anthony Weiner. Very nice.

  11. Vizidor

    Why doesn’t Helen Sieger visit each of the floors every day to see what her strike breaking scabs are not doing?

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