Strike Update Day 73 – (5/2/2008)

Day 73 – Reminder tomorrow is the big rally for the striking 1199SEIU workers. This rally will take place from 11am – 2pm, it will begin in Fort Independence Park and will have a march up Giles Place and the down Cannon Place to finally finish back in the park.


You can see here the police already dropped off many barricades in anticipation of the thousands of union members that are expected to come and show their support for the 220 striking members here at Kingsbridge Heights.






The strike line is rather small this evening as the union prepares for the rally. My guess is everyone has gone home early to get back here in the morning for the rally.




The Riverdale Press posted a blog entry about the rally and also gave us some publicity for out blog by linking to us, thanks Riverdale Press. You can read their blog post here.


This evening on Channel 4 News there was a great report by Melissa Russo, you can view the video on their site here. I am glad that a major news channel has finally given some airtime to this unfair strike.


I hope the weather remains dry for the rally, I will see you there.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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