Strike Update Day 72 – (5/1/2008)

Day 72 – Everyone is gearing up for the big rally on Saturday so there is not too much news to report. I did notice that the union has posted a video from a family member of a resident in the nursing home. You can see the video on their site or watch it below from



The parking issues I spoke about yesterday still remain even after I spoke to the community affairs officer about the issue. I was told that it would be taken care of but none of the barricades were put back on the street as well as no new signs were posted for the removed ones. To answer someone that asked, yes they are the flimsy paper signs that say No Parking Today.


I am waiting to get more information on the resident that walked away from the nursing home and was missing for several hours, I am also still trying to get more information on the woman worker that died after being admitted to the hospital. If anyone has information about either of these incidents please contact us.


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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