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Strike Update Day 101 – (5/30/2008)

Day 101 – So now we start to count in the hundreds, when will this end already? For those of you who think this strike does not affect the community around the nursing home let me just show you some more issues we now face because of the strike that is continuing on.   Late […]

Bugs around Jerome Reservoir again

Well they’re baaccckkkkk!     The bugs that is… Once again this year the annoying little bugs that scour this neighborhood are back. It seems like they are back earlier this year.   We have notified the Department of Environmental Protection about the current situation and hope that they will take the proper steps to […]

* Special Site Update Notice *

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not forgot any days of the strike and I have prepared something special for the 100th day of the strike, kind of a reflection back to all the days before.   I will be posting as I can over the next couple of days, if […]

Strike Update Day 100 – (5/29/2008)

Day 100 – I never thought I would say day 100! I am amazed that this strike has been allowed to drag on for so long and nobody has stepped in to end this. Since it is day 100 I am going to do a little reflection of all the days up to today, this […]

Strike Update Day 98 – (5/27/2008)

Day 98 – I still can’t believe I am counting in the 90’s, this Thursday will be day 100 of this unfair strike. What is it going to take to end this bitter one sided battle? If you look at all the previous posts and all the news articles you can basically surmise that Helen […]

Strike Update Day 97 - (5/26/2008)

Strike Update Day 97 – (5/26/2008)

Day 97 – Happy Memorial Day to all!     Today was a day to relax, yes the members still came to man the picket line, but not in the normal sense. They came to celebrate the holiday with a barbecue. It was nice to see such beautiful weather and also it was good to […]

Strike Update Day 95 & 96 – (5/24/2008 – 5/25/2008)

Day 95 & 96 – I know I said there was going to be a part 2 to the Friday post but I just couldn’t get it all done. On Friday Audrey’s family visited the strike line and I was going to add the second post about that. Since I didn’t get it posted on […]

Strike Update Day 94 (Part 1) – (5/23/2008)

Day 94 – Yes I said DAY 94! Can you believe there is still a strike continuing here at KHRCC? It is amazing that the “insiders” from the nursing home still come here to comment on my posts but yet have no real value to add to the discussion.   Let me remind everyone that […]

Strike Update Day 93 – (5/22/2008)

Day 93 – It seems like everyday a new article or video or newscast is covering this strike, today the NY Daily News has printed an article about the strike and also about our fallen friend, Audrey Smith-Campbell.   You can read the article on their website here: A company profits, a woman dies   […]

Video: Congressman Anthony Weiner – “Honoring a Fallen Health Care Worker”

Congressman Anthony Weiner commented on the floor of the House of Representatives. His short video clip was featured on C-SPAN titled “Honoring a Fallen Health Care Worker”. You can view it on youtube here: or just click the play button below.  

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