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Strike Update Day 64 - (4/23/2008)

Strike Update Day 64 – (4/23/2008)

Day 64 – I usually try to post daily about the events of the day and to keep a daily log of what is going on in the neighborhood and the ongoing strike, today however there is not much to post about except the usual. I am sure you are tried of hearing the weather […]

Strike Update Day 63 – (4/22/2008)

Day 63 – The day started out with some workers doing construction on the nursing home, of course I had to investigate to see if they had proper buildings permits and it seems that all permits are in order. We will monitor the construction to make sure it does not extend beyond the scope of […]

Letter from NYS Employment Relations Board – April 22, 2008

This letter was sent to the 1199 Union and to the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center from the New York State Employment Relations Board to resolve the ongoing labor dispute. Letter from NYS Employment Relations Board (PDF – Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Candle Light Vigil iho Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1968-2008

Candle Light Vigil for Peace and Justice was held on April 4, 2008 on the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination to support the struggle of our striking neighbors – our Brothers and Sisters of 1199 SEIU Health Care Workers of Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center. This was a beautiful and […]

Think Tank: Board of Visitors

A Proposal for Discussion: the Board of Visitors   In order to assure that something as disruptive as this strike does not happen again, we are proposing a way to monitor what is going on inside the walls of the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitative and Care Center; we are proposing new Legislation. We found that the […]

Strike Update Day 62 - (4/21/2008)

Strike Update Day 62 – (4/21/2008)

Day 62 – The weather was cooperating again today and is supposed to be nice most of the week. It must make it easier to maintain the strike line when it is not raining or snowing on the members.     It seems that there is still selective parking today. Even though the signs have […]

Strike Update Day 60 & 61 – (4/19/2008 – 4/20/2008)

Day 60 & 61 – Once again I decided to do a weekend wrap up post. The weekends are usually pretty quiet and as such there is never much to write about. This weekend was no different, there were striking members manning the picket line and the weather was great on Saturday, Sunday was a […]

Strike Update Day 59 – (4/18/2008)

Day 59 – This morning Helen returned, I forgot to mention yesterday that Helen was seen leaving the building about 3pm and jumping into a taxi. Well she returned this morning wearing a bubble gum pink suit, again arriving in a taxi.   I was gone for most of the day so I don’t have […]

Strike Update Day 58 - (4/17/2008)

Strike Update Day 58 – (4/17/2008)

Day 58 – The weather today was just perfect, I am sure all were very thankful for this. Having great weather means everyone drives by the picket line to see how things are going. Just wave to anyone who smiles – a sure sign they are on your side. Someone saw an elected official driving […]

Strike Update Day 57 - (4/16/2008)

Strike Update Day 57 – (4/16/2008)

Day 57 – Today started out with the nursing home working on their lights again.     If you remember about a month ago I reported here that they did not wire the lights properly, they used extension cords to connect the lights to the building.     Of course the buildings department agreed that […]

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