Strike Update Day 56 – (4/15/2008)

Day 56 – So today we finally found out who Mr. Scab is. I thank you Martin for finally stepping up and unveiling yourself. Just so everyone else knows who I am talking about…




( Martin ‘aka’ Mr. Scab! )


In other news, it seems that the security force the nursing home has hired went through a total change over. Today there are all new guards, word on the street is that the old security team was let go because they let a resident of the home slip out the door on the night of our candle light vigil. I am not sure if this is true, but if it is true I would think that someone has some explaining to do.




I must say the new security team seems a bit more professional than the last ones, but only time will tell. There is one issue however, it seems like they think it is ok to sit on private property while on duty, maybe someone needs to instruct them to stay on “their side of the street” like the strikers need to “get in their pens”.




The strike line was well manned today. Curtis needs to go home, it seems like he is there 24 x 7…




Later in the day I noticed just one lonely striker in the bottom corral so I had to capture the image. When I asked she told me she was there to keep an eye on things while the others were up the street.




Minutes later I was back up the block and started to smell smoke, it was a very bad smell of wood burning. First I thought it was a fireplace burning in one of the houses, as I looked around I started to see smoke coming from the driveway of the end house. It turns out that there was a small brush fire in the back yard of the house, I quickly called 911 and had the FDNY respond.












I would like to give a big thanks to our FDNY, they have had to deal with a lot during this strike so far. I am sure you remember back to the generator driven lights, the FDNY was called several times because of fuel spills and fumes from the diesel engines.


I asked the FDNY what they thought caused the fire and they said they couldn’t be 100% sure but they think kids were probably playing back there and started it. How could the kids get back there? Remember back in March when I reported this open construction fence? Well it still has not been repaired even though appropriate agencies have been notified. What does it take to fix a wooden construction fence? Is it going to take someone getting seriously hurt before things get done?


3333 Giles Place Fence


Till tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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33 responses to “Strike Update Day 56 – (4/15/2008)”

  1. mr. scab

    now i know how the pope feels



  3. Lady

    Martin it’s not nice to talk about your co-workers. Seems things don’t change still sitting on your behind when you should be on a floor, oh but wait that’s right you get paid to sit around and do nothing, also take two hour lunches, study, do homework ,relax in the office, this is what Martin gets paid for. Ms.Seiger you should make sure when family members come to work together they don’t work in the same department and that one doesn’t supervise the other, because you’ll pay them to do what Martin does absolutely nothing!!!!!! Before you sit in front of the computer and have the nerve to talk about anyone make sure that nothing negative or bad can be said about you, because if I were to say the things that have come out your mouth that are morally wrong I’d be typing away all night. Beleive me when I say all night. You shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

  4. Money Man (Patrick)

    To begin, I’ll use both the moniker given me by the Strikers, as well as my real name, since I have neither time nor patience for trivial games.


    1. While I’m sure both you and Sieger can relate to the current Pope, a former Nazi youth; might I suggest some research on his predecessor, John Paul II. A wonderful man who thoroughly understood both the Solidarity movement and the struggle against injustice. Like the current Pontiff, neither of you will receive a warm welcome while your behavior dictates otherwise.

    2. Your arrogance regarding the educational level of the Strikers is only surpassed by the ignorance of the lives of the people you once worked side by side with. As the person assisting the Strikers in signing up for unemployment, many of the service and maintenance workers currently holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from their home countries. Had Sieger honored the contract while it was in effect, and paid into the Training Fund as was required – they would have been able to return to school long enough to complete a degree from an American educational institution. There are also quite a number of current full-time college students. Sieger is only interested in sponsoring (and enslaving) those immigrants she believes she can, for her own personal financial gain. If this is the kind of person you choose to emulate, I’m afraid your future medical practice will be doomed before it even begins.

    3. It would appear that Ms. Sieger and yourself are highly selective in which cultural and social customs are ‘acceptable’ to honor and propogate: Our Carribean Brothers and Sisters shouldn’t keep alive their Patois (“Patwah”) language and expressions (regardless of their educational level), yet your references to matzoh and shabbat are acceptable. FYI: There are still ‘good moral character’ references in every healthcare provider’s licensing requirements. If you continue your arrogant and judgemental attitude, you will find what Ms. Sieger is about too – health care licenses can be taken away. I hope you provide your future patients with the kind and loving care they are entitled too. I will also keep those Kinsbridge patients in my prayers during this holiday season, to ensure their safety and well-being while judgemental biggots and hypocrites such as yourself and Sieger plague them as the Egyptians once did to the Israelites. Ironic, isn’t it? Regardless, if you had chosen the path of the REAL MAN who stood for principles, and joined your Brothers and Sisters on the strike line, you too would have matzoh on your table for Passover: I would have personally seen to that.

    4. Your comments on the morality of the workers is not only nonsense, but libel. Ask your lawyer-brother to explain that to you.

    5. While it appears Phil has honored your request to remove your picture, I must ask – why are you so concerned? Could it be the hundred of thousands of other NYC residents who work in Unionized jobs and DO support the Kingsbridge Strikers might not look to kindly on your position? Are you afraid to be a REAL MAN should they challenge you on your mistaken beliefs?

    Finally, I’d like to thank Phil, Karen, F.I.P.N.A, and the entire Kingsbridge community for their continued support. We *WILL* succeed for our patients, our community and our families. With your continued help, the day when people like Sieger are allowed plague our communities will be over.

    In Solidarity~

  5. Money Man (Patrick)

    It’s Back! So much for idle threats…! ;)

  6. a member

    Martin aka Mr Scab you’re so far out of reality it amazes me how you function in your day to day normal life(if you have one besides Kingsbrigde).You claimed to be so smaert and more educated than the members on the strike line then why is it that nothing that you say has any ounce of facts to it.Do you think that we are out in the cold ,rain and cold because we have nothing else better to do. We are there for a reason one which you have no concept of I guess you dont go to the doctor.When you talk about heatlh is a privilege then I know that we are not dealing with someone with a full deck of cards.You have been influence by Helen so much I dont think that you can actually think for yourself.Whenever you make board statements about a group of people make sure that you have all the facts in hands before you open your mouth.THe fact is we the members will not be manipulated by Helen anymore.Heath care is a right not a privilege.

  7. Lady

    Nothing to add or say Martin. Did I hit a nerve.

  8. Karen

    We hear that the nursing home can not find the time to meet with the regulators. If this is true, we have to ask: What are they afraid of? . . . . Guess they are afraid that they took the wrong position and will have to pay, pay, pay, for the pain! pain! pain! . . . . It does not matter as they have enough money to throw away on loud generators, on expensive replacement workers, on expensive cars, and high priced food delivery services, and who knows how much more. . . . . Why are you afraid? . . . What are you hiding? . . . You had plenty of time to find someone to attend the meeting. . . . . If you don’t want to leave the bunker . . . then send someone who can talk for you . . . or maybe you don’t trust anyone . . . What’s up with that?

  9. Money Man (Patrick)

    Hi Karen:

    Striker’s Chant: Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, Helen Sieger’s got to go!
    Helen’s Chant: Oy vey! Oy vey! 1199 should go away!

    Sieger’s actions show us that for her, this isn’t about money, but power. Power, for Sieger, is threats: Threatening workers before the strike; threatening to “throw out” the Union if they don’t give her her way (as if she could). Threatening her ex-husband and the Rabbi’s that granted him his divorce in a secular court. The problem is, Sieger doesn’t understand what real Power is. So we’ve had to show her.

    Power isn’t destructive; it’s constructive. Power is a tree still standing after a violent storm; Power is the ability of a woman in childbirth to scream for 40 hours straight in labor, yet love the child she brings into the world. Power is the voice of 200+ strikers singing in unison for 56 days against injustice, until their collective voices shatter that twisted illusion of a fortress Sieger and her SCABS hide within. Power is an entire community coming out on the anniversary of Dr. King’s death to reaffirm their commitment to the principles he gave his life for.

    Power is striking today, regardless of the inconvenience, so that tomorrow we can provide better care for the residents and ourselves.

    That, Ms. Sieger, is POWER.

    Karen, I doubt that Sieger, who spends her days crying alone in her darkened office like a scared and PowerLESS spoiled child will come out of her tomb until she is dragged out in handcuffs by Federal prosecutors for her crimes. It’s not enough for her that her entire community of Borough Park spits when we speak her name; or that her children have abandoned her, or that patients die under her care so she thinks she can prove a point. In her quest for ‘power’ she will only succeed in ultimately destroying what’s left of her own soul.

    As for the patients – we are here. We aren’t going ANYWHERE. We WILL be back inside, and we WILL care for those who remain with the love and respect they deserve.

    In Solidarity~

  10. Phil

    In case anyone else is wondering what we are all talking about, “Mr. Scab” posted a comment today on the Day 55 post that read:


    “here is my offer…. take down my picture which is illegal or my brother will get involved, as he is an attorney. smooches and mwah”


    For a moment I removed it at your request but then I thought twice about it. There is nothing wrong with posting your picture so that others know who it is that was throwing around such libel accusations. Also I didn’t think that someone of your stature would mind a photo of them self being posted, but I guess I was wrong. Then again, after I took a look back at some of the things you have said about people you worked with I can see why you might not want your picture shown.


    Now as to your photo, it is being used for editorial expression published to illustrate a legitimate public interest and as such there is no commercial profit to be made and no laws are being broken. Your photo was taken on a public street by an unknown source and was given to us to use.


    I don’t see what the big deal is anyway? I would worry more about what you put in print than an image of you being posted on the web.


    As for your comment about the Pope, I would hardly compare yourself to the Pope. One picture posted on a neighborhood website does not rank you up there with the Pope.

  11. Phil

    This is to Patrick:


    My hat is off to you fully! I could not have ever posted such eloquent but true to life posts as you have. This is the truth of what is going on here and it is only a matter of time before everyone wakes up and sees it.


    We already have all the NYS BX Legislators on board showing their support for the union and have asked that the NYSDOH intercede in this strike and investigate what is really going on here, you can see a copy of the letter here.


    It is only a matter of time before the walls that Helen have erected come down and the union will prevail.

  12. mr. scab

    ask my permission to the put the pic up and then we’ll see…. as for the lady alll i can say is if i can state my name why cant u? as for to whom i am related all i can say is take this up with Aunt Helen, Aunt Irina, and cousin jacob and sister nadine. also, i guess it helps that arkady is my male lover. as for what i do, actually much of my day is filled with fixing all the mistakes people like jackie write in their paperwork:

    1) a person with dementia has full control of being able to plan her day.

    2) a person who does not attend religious services attends them twice a week.

    3) and numerous ones that are late i fix.

    4) as for the lady, you see i know it is hard to understand for someone who barely graduated junior high school and is still working on her GED as she approaches 30, but it takes me about two minutes to right these things.

    5) but you see, at least i have the stones to put my words behind my name and say whatever i have to to somone’s face unlike lady does…. but how can you expect dignity from immoral people?

    actually i am like the pope.

    he is in new york. i am in new york.

    he has people take his pictures. i have people take my pictures.

    a mass of people chant at him. a mass of people chant at me.

    he wears a yamacha. i do too sometimes.

    so you see, ladies and gents, i forgive you all because i am holier than you and i love the sinner but hate the sin.

    im also available for baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

    love, hugs, and kisses


    ps, do you know where on the 1199 website i can buy a shirt that says ” i love helen seiger” ?

  13. Money Man (Patrick)

    For Martin:

    “i guess it helps that arkady is my male lover. as for what i do, actually much of my day is filled with fixing all the mistakes people like jackie write in their paperwork:

    1) a person with dementia has full control of being able to plan her day.

    2) a person who does not attend religious services attends them twice a week.

    3) and numerous ones that are late i fix.”

    Thank you, Martin, for admitting openly and in a public forum that you have altered medical records after the fact. As a dually-licensed healthcare provider myself, please be advised that I will be sending a letter to the NYS Department of Health, quoting your post – and including a link to it in my correspondence.

    Have a great day!


  14. Money Man (Patrick)

    For those who may be unaware, there are occassional valid ‘mistakes’ written in healthcare records. This can be as simple as writing a nurses note on one patient in another patient’s chart. However, the writer, upon discovering the error, should make an entry to correct them, noting the original error. Whenever someone else goes behind another person and alters their entry, it is falsifying documentation.


  15. mr. scab

    i do not alter…. when i write mine i write it correctly…. god, why dont u reach alil more…. how can i fix something written in permanent ink? do u really think im this stupid?

  16. mr. scab

    patrick i would think you know what i mean but obviously you don’t

  17. Karen

    It is nice that the “outed insider” has so much extra time with his life, . . . some of us have real responsibilities . . . . Guess his work load must be subsidized by others, but who cares. . . . and it is true about the power of the union and the community that will eventually prevail . . . but I wish I were a fly on the wall to hear what Helen thinks of all of this . . . maybe she is not computer savy and does not go on the internet to read this . . . maybe someone has to print it out and she reads it on paper . . . . .bottom line . . . . how long can she bunker down and hide?



  19. Former Employee

    like I said man, oink,oink.

  20. jman

    All this disrepect of each other makes me sick. We all worked together as a team and were all so close, and it just shocks me to see people who I had the upmost respect for cursing,calling people 8dollar whores. What does that have to do with crossing a picket line and taking your jobs away. Your behavior is an example of what anger can do. There are people out there who wern’t allowed to join the union and now all of a sudden the union needs bodies to picket so lets see what happens when the strike ends and the food stamps and unemployment finishes how dirty a mouth you will have. Dont you strikers realize how foolish you look out on the picket line dancing and singing then praying and the using the most horrible language after your prayers. I watch you people on the cameras and see you being told when to eat, when to change sides, when to march, when to insult people. The big shots, or those that think they are Kervin, Norty, CLair, Noreen,Jackie and many more whose names I am not familiar with and I do not care to associate with stand there and watch their little puppets follow their commands. You people are being used and if the union loses what is going to happen to you. And if you win do you think after your horrible behavior that you will be able to walk right in as thou nothing has happened. As if you didnt insult Mrs. Seiger. Why is your purpose of saying mean and insulting things to the people who have taken over your jobs. Do you think their NOT working and not get a much larger paycheck then you were when you were employed by MRs. Seiger. ANd first and formost do you have helath insurance, job security and respect for yourselves. I f you ever hear your mouths (yars little girlfriend) with the foulest mouth you would be ashamed of yourself. Calling people scabs is one thing, but whores come on what does that mean exactly. what purpose does it prove and does it encourage Mrs Seiger to SIGN YOUR CONTRACT.



  22. mike polinski

    isn’t it against the law for them to be usinng those cameras?

  23. Phil



    Do you really think that there is anyone or anything that could convince Helen to sign the contract? If she had any intentions of doing so why has she waited so long? Does she really think that any of these people would want to return to work for her?


    Of course people are angry, wouldn’t you be if you were on strike and people were walking in front of you flaunting the fact that they are taking away your job.


    The end will come and when the dust settles the union will prevail, because good always triumphs over evil.




    Perhaps someone should print out the blog and read it to Helen.




    I think the cameras are allowed because they are there for premises protection. However they are not allowed to video tape union activities (strike) and use it against the union.


  24. jman

    Phil , when the employees of KHGCC walk throught the door they are not the ones insulting and curing its the people who are on the line yelling at them . Some may answer and some may not but I can assure you that they are not the ones who start they are the one if the respond are responding to the strikers. Would you like to be cursed at and Sheila be call an 8 dollar whole and that you were not the father of your children that someone else was. I really dont thing youwould be able to restrain yourself and not answer back. An to have your cute little son leading cheers against the nursing home. What are you teaching him

  25. Rosa Martinez

    What is this guy talking all this trash for? He looks like he got plenty of issues.What’s up I thought this was about our community and standing behind the striking workers who are part of our community, Enough of this trash talking already. Let’s argue some of the real issues.All these scabs are just that s-c-a-b-s, taking jobs away from people.Shame on all of you.God is watching.

  26. Phil



    First of all I would not be in a position that people could yell at me. I am NOT a SCAB nor will I ever be, if I see a picket line I will NOT cross!


    I agree with you that the SCABS are not cursing first, but then again they shouldn’t be. They are stealing the jobs of the very people they pass everyday, if they started the cursing then what do you think would happen?


    If I was in the position that I was crossing a picket line, then I think my skin would be thick enough to handle whatever insults were thrown at me. At least I would have enough decency to just walk into the building and ignore the others.


    As far as my Son leading the cheers, I am teaching him right from wrong and also to stand up for what you believe in. He believes that the striking workers are right for fighting for what they deserve. I am sure if your son was working at KHRCC and Helen cut his benefits you would agree with the union and tell him to join the strike line, but then again maybe not considering you are still on the inside looking out through the cameras as you stated.


    I don’t see why you and Martin think it is ok to come here and start bashing the union members, I stated when this whole thing started that I am taking a stand with the union and my beliefs have not wavered since. If you are trying to convince me that Helen is right for what she did then you might as well go find another soap box to preach from because you will NEVER change my mind.


    Do you honestly think it is right to take away health care benefits? If you have a child and that child needs to go to the doctor is it right that he can’t because your boss decided that you don’t get any benefits? This is what this whole fight has been about, HEALTH CARE! Nobody has come forth and disputed this fact.


    When you want to discuss real issues like what does Helen plan to do? Is Helen going to negotiate voluntarily? Is Helen going to negotiate anytime soon? Then by all means feel free to post back here or even email me directly, but until then I am done with this back and forth banter with people that cannot resolve the real issues at hand.


  27. Lady

    so you say that you say whatever it is to the person’s face I’ll ask Jackie if that’s true

  28. jman

    Lady what does your statement that whatever it is to the persons face I’ll ask Jackie if that is true.It makes no sense. And Phil you still after your long response to me still did not answer Why the insults and cursing are necessary to settle this strike. You are teaching your kid what is right from wrong, I think this is not a way to show him how people can behave and get what they want. I feel very strongly there are much better ways of rearing a child successfully without teaching him to be a pawn and be subjected to the vile language that is used in front of him. He is such a sweet kid and dont let this strike be something he is going to learn from, except disrepecting people who are fighting for what they believe in and demostrate their right of freedom of speech. He is part of the community but instead of taking him to strike situation , bring him to a park or library where he can really learn from his peers and not a bunch of angry adults, who are totally out of control. Everyday is a new adventure watching all these strikers. I hope everythng that these people are fighting for which is basically their jobs and health care works out for each and everyone of them but when they continue this behavior believe me a lot of people are watching and listening to them on the picket line and getting stories back to them that are shocking, like being followed , hair pulling , threatening with weapons and scaring these people who too are trying to make a living and if they weren’t there the “scabs” who would take care of the residents. All of the stikers walk away from them to fend for themselves. I hope and pray that this ends soon and may the best man or woman win…..

  29. Karen

    Hey jman, whoever you are. If the owner of the nursing home had decided to pay for the health care for KHRCC workers, then Phil and his family could have had a peaceful and happy 55 or so days filled with visits to the library and the park. However, the owner of the nursing home decided to put LOUD and LARGE and quite UNNECESSARY Generators to run obnoxiously bright LIGHTS into the windows of every person who lives on Cannon Place.

    PS you are on the wrong day!

  30. jman

    what do you mean the wrong day , please write in complete sentences. The noise has stopped except for the yelling and cursing of the strikers. Do you really believe that the residents want these stikers back. They say they do , but complain to us that they are scared that if we say no to anything(bath, Medication, meals , or ask for help to the bathroom,etc) that they will react the same way they do on the picket line because they have not gotten what they want.I wish this would end more than anyone, but since there are some people who insist on acting they way they do and there are just a few that stand out i.e.Vanessa Swiney, Watley,and some more whose names I do not know do you really believe that by yelling out I love you Miquel that people who see your behavior believe that you will have a job when this is over. Get real….. You all sound foolish and look foolish. The anger on your faces is very very frightening. We all notice that the ones with the loudest and foulest mouths stand up front of the pen. Maybe if you behaved more like a civil person there would be an end to this. But each day as we watch you do the things you do makes it more and more difficult to negoiate. Great picture of the water balloon made out of a glove , why dont you take pictures of the people who are so drunk ,on the picket line, who can barely walk being helped by their fellow strikers. Now that would be a better picture than a splat on the floor of a glove with water. Why dont you take pictures of the crowd who so cowardly hide in the group and throw eggs at us scabs.I firmly believe this will end someday but not if this behavior continues and you show your true colors. Would you want someone like the stikers working for you and entrust the lives of the elderly to these violent and angry people.

  31. Phil



    Did you ever stop and think that the reason these people are so angry is because we are now on day 59 of this unnecessary strike. I say unnecessary because it could have been avoided if one person HELEN had just signed the contract and agreed to provide health care benefits.


    Since I am pretty sure I know who you are, let me ask you, do you currently have health care?


    Also why do you need to hide behind the name JMAN, why not share with us your identity? Perhaps I am assuming you are someone that you are not, so it would be nice to place a face with a commentator.


    One last thing, you are correct that you are not on the wrong day, if you are answering a post here than by all means answer it on the day that is was posted so not to confuse the readers.


  32. jman

    I would love to tell you who I am but for fear of retribution I wont. It is enough to walk thru the pick line and be insulted and yelled at. Again I hope everything works out for all the strikers, that your life Phil, and your family’s lives get back to normal, but I too want to be able to not have to alter my way of living because of a few people who have no self control. Some of those union hierachy are pretty nasty and threatening, when they stare you down. To Karen I know what a glove looks like and aside it was mentioned many times in the posts prior to mine. WHat do you think I should have thought it was?

  33. Karen

    To, “What do you think I should have thought it was?” let me say that in general throwing water would be in a WATER BALLOON, not a plastic glove. . . . . Since it was a glove,it seemed like you had prior information. . . . Since you posted in the day before the glove was described, it appeared as if you did not read the one post describing the glove . . . and that you were responding to your own experiences. . . . . If you want to post a comment on the issue of that day, then it has to be posted in the correct day. . . . . This is what I was explaining a few days ago, when I said you were in the wrong day. . . . It does not matter if you did it or knew who did it, the main thing is that sadly the water glove came from within the home. . . . Why would someone inside the home do that? The strikers are out of work . . . have no health care . . . walking the picket line 24/7 during the cold, wet, snow, hot weather . . . and the insiders are comfortably working with some kind of benefits and regular pay . . . why would someone throw eggs and water at the people on the picket line? . . . The only reason I can think of is to get them out of the north pen and keep them in the south pen, but even that does not make sense.

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