Strike Update Day 53 & 54 – (4/12/2008 – 4/13/2008)

Day 53 & 54 – This post is a weekend wrap up. There is not much to report on this weekend, it was a very quiet weekend on the strike line. There was still a strong showing of solidarity by the union and the picket line was still manned 24 hours a day, but it seems like the weekend is a time for the striking members to relax and not push too hard. I think this is a good thing because everyone needs a little break from the daily routine, especially when your routine now consists of marching on a picket line 24 x 7.


The weather is turning nice so it won’t be such an annoyance to be outside on the line. I just wish this whole thing would be over and everyone can get back to their normal everyday lives.


Helen Sieger why are you carrying this on for so long? These are your workers, you have worked with some of these people for as long as you have owned this nursing home. It is not too late to sign the contract and do the right thing! Enough is enough already, these people need benefits, plain and simple. Why can’t you find it in your heart to just end this now? It would be such a great gift for you to sign the contract just before the Passover holiday. Don’ t you want to spend the holiday with “your family”? I would hope that you consider these workers like family, don’t you? These are the very same people that have worked hard so that you can reap the benefits of their hard work, now isn’t it time that you repay those benefits?


Stop this now, pay for health care benefits and let “your family” get back to work.


Till Tomorrow, STAND STRONG!


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8 responses to “Strike Update Day 53 & 54 – (4/12/2008 – 4/13/2008)”

  1. mr. scab

    first, id like to wish everyone a good morning, and a belated happy sabbath. next, the last lady to respond to be said it was very impressing that i know a few big words. it is impressive , not impressing. you, like the strikers, fail to realize the importance of syntax and grammar. as for my big words, im sorry ill try to to write to the massess. yo, like if the strike be about health care for all of y’all, why do ya have to act like dat? act wif some dignity. health care aint a right, it is a privilege. why do all of you deserve health care. as in the movie unforgiven, clint eastwood says: deserve has got nothing to do with it. you dont deserve anything. you earn it. maybe all of you live in a fantasy world but lemme break it down for yall so yall unnderstand. if a contract ends it ends. she dont have to negotiate. it is a risk, and a hassle, but by law she dont have to you know what im sayin? that is why there be contracts…. but when they end, you on your own.


    be fair to those who care? this is laughable as most of those who care spend their time either eating the patients food, i can name names if you want or someitmes taking residents’ money when offered to them.

    finally, someone earlier said that the scabs have a thrid grade education. i say this as unbiasedly as i can. the new workers are much smarter than the old ones. they know who beethoven is. they speak more or less properly. allow me to explain.

    jackie from activties thought that beethoven was a dog, in reference to a movie, and did not know he was a composer. small detail i guess. one is a dog, the other one of the great genius minds ever.

    other workers, such as priscilla from dietary frequently use me instead of i: me so tired, lord jesusssssssssss, she usually says enunciating the ssss’s. others say me need to go get some chicken for she.

    these are the people who you claim are more educated and have the gall to demand things.

    the fact that they had jobs in the first place, dumb as they are is the real crime that Ms Sieger committed.

    finally, in all honesty, most of, if not all of the new workers are better, more courteous and just more pleasant to be around. true, especially, the women are not as open with their bodies as the previous workers, but hey, se la vie.

    btw, the woman out the window was not asking for a job, this is just another fabrication and proves how desperate all of you are.

    later my homies and peeps. one love.

  2. Phil

    Well hello Mr. Scab,


    Welcome back, hope you had a nice weekend and a happy Sabbath, if that is what you choose to celebrate.


    I find it funny that you can cast stones for syntax and grammar but yet you have no clue about capitalization or proper punctuation (apostrophe) where required.


    You say “health care aint a right, it is a privilege” which may very well be true, at least here in the US. Universal health care is provided in most developed countries and in many developing countries. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not provide universal health care (click here for facts). The US will need to follow in their footsteps in order to get our current health care crisis under control (click here for facts).


    I am sure you will even agree that if you work in the health care industry you should be supplied with health care. I am also sure that if you are as smart as you claim to be, you would agree that a business owner that makes millions of dollars in profit year after year should be held accountable to the people that have actually made that profit for him/her. The business owner did not make this money themselves but off the hard work of their employees.


    A business owner has an obligation to their employees, they have to provide a safe work place. If there is no health care benefits then the work place cannot be safe as most of these workers would not be able to afford the health care required to keep them safe.


    As far as you saying that the workers don’t deserve anything but need to earn it, don’t you think they earn it by doing their job everyday? Taking care of the residents, feeding, bathing, changing, etc?


    You said that when a contract ends, it ends! That is true but… there are laws to be followed, if there is a union in place then the business owner has an obligation to negotiate a new contract. They do not have the right to just hire new workers and “break the union”. There are laws in place that prohibit this, that is why the NLRB ruled against the nursing home when they tried to file a decertification petition. Also an owner can be compelled to negotiate, ever heard of federal mediation?


    If you can substantiate the claims of eating residents food, taking money, etc. why were these employees not terminated or reprimanded?


    I am glad that you found this site “Mr. Scab” and would love to hear your reasons why it is ok to throw out all the existing employees and hire new ones, why it is ok for an owner of a nursing home to make millions but not feel it necessary to pay for health care benefits for their employees.


  3. mr. scab

    forgive the apostorphe, just studying as i do this so in a bit of a rush, but u r correct and i thank you for noticing my errors

  4. Karen

    Hey, Mr.Scab,

    We are the community, not the strikers. We live outside the home. We are concerned that the replacement workers have not been vetted properly.

    You talk about religious customs, but do not follow religious teachings. You should not talk bad of others. You should wish well for those who work. You should believe that the boss should treat the worker with dignity.

    A worker deserves dignity and that means good pay, clean working conditions, adequate benefits, and encouragement for a job well done. If you want to have a better worker, then increase these things.

    Obviously, if the employer is not making money and the business is failing, then the worker has to make sacrifices.

    As you have made the case that you are cognizant of the operation of the home, you can be the judge. Let us know.

    Thanks for writing, Shalom


    Dear Mr. Scab:

    Good morning! Knowing that Beethoven was a great composer doesn’t make you or I better than a person who thinks he is a dog. Having a College education doesn’t make you or I better than a person who didn’t finish High School.

    The issue is that this woman CHOSE to have Union employees at her facility. She CHOSE to pay for the workers healthcare. The workers took their jobs knowing that they would have healthcare. Now all of a sudden she has changed her mind and instead of following the proper protocols and renegotiating a new contract, she is throwing 220 workers out on the street.

    How would you feel if you had worked for someone for 30 years and all of a sudden they threw you out like a bag of trash???? WITHOUT EVEN TRYING TO DISCUSS THE MATTER???

    We need to stop arguing about who has better grammer and who speaks “proper” english and stop and think about the important issues. People who are out of work after being loyal employees for 25 years and the elderly who need to be taken care of.

    Helen Sieger needs to go to the mediation/arbitration table and work this out with the union. Sticking her head in the sand and “hiding in the bathroom” isn’t going to work.

    My nephew is crying so I better go!

    Peace out, Watson

    P.S. Please don’t check my message for grammer and spelling.



  7. mr. scab

    umm actually bc i was a worker before the strike and im not a replacement, that was just the name i used, according to the nlrb whom i called before i made my decision, a worker cant be fired for not going on strike if he was there before the strike began. so once again, mr. scab scores! as for beethoven, true it doesnt make you a better person, but you all know what i mean. please dont act like you dont. anyone who is that stupid should not work in any field. true sieger got the company with a union, but the contract ended. that is why there are contracts. when they end, they end. this ended, she doesnt want a new union one. she took a risk. got all new better workers and as i see it, she called the bluff and won. what am i missing? it is not that i am holier than thou, i just feel that most of the people outside lament their life when they themselves made wrong choices. you dont have money to pay for your kids health care? well, you should have thought of that before you had unprotected sex with someone who is not your husband. if you were married and your hubby had a job, he would in all likelihood have health care and thus, this would be a non- issue. many people come to thisi country with much less than what the strikers are given and acheive much more, as my family has. so bark up another tree bc in the real world, everyone makes choices and dont assume someone has to feel bad for you bc what is morally wrong/ right and legally are two totally different things which is what most of the strikers fail to realize. if the people outside, especially the young ones, made the right choices in their lives like college and not having kids before they can vote, they would be in a much better position. on this note, i bid you all a goodnight, stay safe, whatever side of the picket line you are on bc at the end of the day, we are all people and no one should be hurt.

  8. mr. scab

    ps believe me, the new workers have a higher moral code than the old ones based on their respective conduct during this whole fun. hope to see you all tommrow, cursing me. take a guess who i am. if you win, youll get a lollipop or a hug, your choice.

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