Letter to 50th Precinct Captain about Candle Light Vigil

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April 1, 2008


Captain John D’Adamo

50th Precinct, NYPD

Kingsbridge Avenue

Bronx, NY 10463      


Re:      Request for permit for candlelight vigil

VIA:     Mail and hand delivery


Dear Captain D’Adamo,


The Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association (FIPNA) is a community group dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life for residents of Giles and Cannon Place.  They have asked me to notify you of their plans for a peaceful Candle Light Vigil on Friday, April 4, 2008 for ONE HOUR from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.   Plans for the vigil include:


  1. At 7:30 p.m. they will be meeting in front of 3340 Giles Place, which is at the corner of Cannon Place. 


  1. At 7: 40 p.m. they plan to extend the vigil along Cannon Place on the odd sided home addresses from Giles Place to across from 3430 Cannon Place. 


  1. At 7:55 p.m. they plan to hold hands, light flashlights and/or candles and sing soft hymns. 


  1. This event is being held in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to show community support for the plight of the working persons striking at the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center (KHRCC).


  1. FIPNA is joined by the Community Organization Strike Alliance (COSA), which was formed to organize a Community Coalition supporting the strike at KHRCC.  The following groups will be participating:  The Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club, The Cannon Heights Housing Co-op, First Step Women’s Support Group (FSWSG), Fort Independent Park Neighborhood Association (FIPNA), Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Assn Inc. (KHNIA), North Bronx Democratic Association, and the North West Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition 


  1. Organizers of the Vigil are expecting fifty to one hundred people at the most.  Noise will be minimal, with only singing of participants. 


  1. Union members who are not on the picket line may be invited to stand hand in hand on the sidewalk.


In addition, the organizers are concerned about the response of your Community Affairs Office in rejecting the community’s request for a permit for an amplifier to lead the singing.  Specifically, we were informed that a permit could not be obtained because those in attendance could not make noise within 500 feet of the KHRCC entrance. 


As you know, the noise code restricts noise above the ambient level after 10 p.m., and this event will be over by that time.  The neighborhood would be interested in knowing – in writing – exactly what is being referred to with the purported 500-foot noise rule.


Further, you are welcome to come and monitor whether the noise level is at or above the legal ambient noise level. However, many may consider this strange as your department was incapable of stopping the abusive noise from the generators at the KHRCC for 35 nights which exceeded 80dbs most of the time continuously for twelve hours.


Additionally, the Community Affairs Office informed us that members of Union Local 1199 could not stand across the street from the home with members of the community.  Why?  Are the residents of Kingsbridge Heights not permitted to stand with whomever they wish that is invited into the community?  Are the members of 1199 considered of a different class because of their union affiliation?  Wouldn’t Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. think of this as racial segregation? We consider such suggestion to be an abridgment of our rights under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In any event, I ask that your response with regard to this issue be supplied in writing as well.


Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.  Please respond to me, in writing, at your earliest possible opportunity.



                                                                        Very truly yours,


                                                                     Ezra B. Glaser 


Letter to 50th Precinct Captain about Candle Light Vigil (PDF)

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