Letter to Noami Rivera – DOH – 4/1/2008

This is an email that was sent to Nioami Rivera on 4/1/2008


re: NYS DOH and the Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center


Dear Assembly Member Rivera,


Last week I called your office to ask you to help us with information concerning the status of the nursing home. Specifically, I asked that since you have been in contact with the inspector from the KHRCC (as you stated in the meeting with the union at the Ft. Independence Houses) that you could ask them to let you know the census numbers.


1. How many people died since the strike started?
2. How many people died during the same period last year?
3. What is the census (number of people in the home) from the day the strike started to the present?
4. What was the census during the same period last year? If they can not break down number 3 and 4 daily, then we would be interested in the months of February, March and April.
5. Can you get a weekly report, and send it to us to keep us informed.


We would be delighted to present this information on your behalf on our web page.


Thank you,
Lynn Schwarz
Phil McDonnell
Karen Argenti


PS Hope to see you on Friday at the Candle Light Vigil!


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