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Strike Update Day 71 – (4/30/2008)

Day 71 – After the nice day we had yesterday we are back to work today. We have received many thanks for the breakfast yesterday, we are just happy that we were able to provide the breakfast to these striking workers.   Today however is not such a nice quiet day, we started the day […]

Update: Construction fence @ 3333 Giles Place

This is an update to the post I made on April 24, 2008. The owner of the property sent a crew to fix the hole in the fence that we had reported about in the last post. You can see what kind of job was done in the picture below, I will leave the comments […]

Strike Update Day 70 – (4/29/2008)

Day 70 – Today I am only going to focus on the good, that good is the community came out to support the striking workers by preparing and serving them a nice continental style breakfast. The breakfast was sponsored by us F.I.P.N.A.     The weather was not too friendly but at least it didn’t […]

Community Alert – May 3rd rally

Community Alert Day 74 of the Nursing Home Strike MARCH FOR PEACE & JUSTICE Fort Independence Park Sedgwick Ave @ Giles Place Meet at the Flag Pole on the left inside the park Saturday, May 3, 2008 10:30 A.M Sponsored by the Community Organization Strike Alliance (COSA) COSA supports the efforts of 1199 SEIU on […]

Strike Update Day 69 – (4/28/2008)

Day 69 – What can I say about today, this picture sums it up best…     It was a miserable day to be on the strike line, the rain just would not stop coming down. It is always easier to be on the strike line when the weather is playing nice but today it […]

Strike Update Day 67 & 68 – (4/26/2008 – 4/27/2008)

Day 67 & 68 – Once again I am posting my weekend wrap up where I talk about both Saturday and Sunday all on one post. I usually do this because the weekend is a slower time on the strike line so there is not much news to post, also I need to take a […]

Strike Update Day 66 – (4/25/2008)

Day 66 – Another great day weather wise, the sun was shining and the temperature was just perfect. Of course just because the weather is nice doesn’t mean that everything went smoothly.   The day started out with an altercation between a workers husband and the strikers. Allegedly the union chased a scab worker down […]

Strike Update Day 65 – (4/24/2008)

Day 65 – Seems like the police are at it again, not only are they now blocking our driveways, they are parking right on the sidewalk in front of our driveways. What is the reason for this?     Speaking of parking on the sidewalk, the nursing home now thinks it is ok to use […]

Construction fence @ 3333 Giles Place

It has been well over a month since I reported the hole in the construction fence at 3333 Giles Place, so I decided to call the Community Board and get an updated status and to see what is going on. I guess someone else beat me to it because Diane was already aware that the […]

NYC Shred Fest this Sunday 4/27/2008

NYC Shred Fest this Sunday 4/27/2008

Fight back against identity theft: Just Shred It! Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. To protect New Yorkers from identity thieves, City agencies have teamed up with industrial shredding companies and Staples to launch Shred Fest NYC, the City’s first-ever free shredding event to increase public awareness of identity theft prevention […]

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