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Strike Update Day 32 – (3/22/2008)

Day 32 – Once again this morning we were greeted by the sweet sounds of Amazing Grace, This Little Light of Mine, and many other beautifully sung songs. Thank you 1199 members we do appreciate it!   Since the nursing home ran the generators last night, I assume they will be doing the same tonight. […]

Strike Update Day 31 - (3/21/2008)

Strike Update Day 31 – (3/21/2008)

Day 31 – Today was a pretty quite day on all fronts, we had a peaceful night of sleep with no generator noise and we woke to the union members singing for us. I am hoping to capture some video of their singing next time they are out there performing for us. It is very […]

Strike Update Day 30 - (3/20/2008)

Strike Update Day 30 – (3/20/2008)

Day 30 – I looked out my window and low and behold the generators were leaving. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!     I was so excited, after 30 days of dealing with the noise and light that these generators have made they are finally leaving! Well my excitement was a bit premature as only 3 […]

Strike Update Day 29 PART2 – (3/19/2008)

Day 29 Part 2:   As I stated before I just had to get my post out earlier today because I was fit to be tied that no one can do anything to stop what is happening outside my door. So now I am back to post my usual 11:00pm daily post.   The strike […]

Strike Update Day 29 PART1 – (3/19/2008)

Day 29 – PART 1!   I am posting this early today instead of my usual nightly post because it is unbelievable that the nursing home thinks that they are so above the law that they can still run the generators that this community has been fighting to get removed.   If you read my […]

Strike Update Day 28 – (3/18/2008)

Day 28 – The day started out great when I found out that a story had hit the NY Daily News about the strike and the issue with the generators the nursing home has put outside. Have a look here to read the whole article. This couldn’t have come at a better time as the […]

Strike Update Day 27 - (3/17/2008)

Strike Update Day 27 – (3/17/2008)

Day 27 – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!   Today the FDNY & DOT came to look at the generators and told the nursing home to remove all the wood that they placed around the generators to try and abate the noise. Now remember the wood did nothing to stop the noise, perhaps 2 or 3 […]

Strike Update Day 26 – (3/16/2008)

Day 26 – Sunday, the day after the rally. There is not much going on today as I am sure everyone is still coming down from yesterdays high! What a rally! What a turn out!   There are still the core group of union members on the strike line, they are standing strong and they […]

Strike Update Day 25 – (3/15/2008)

Day 25 – RALLY DAY!!!   All I can say is have a look at the photos from the rally.   There was such a great turn out that it filled the entire Fort Independence Park as well as the entire bottom of Cannon Place. There were many groups that attended as well as many […]

Strike Update Day 24 – (3/14/2008)

Day 24 – The mystery car has been solved (kind of)… It appears that it belongs to some type of security that the nursing home has hired. That still doesn’t explain why they can park on the street whenever they like.     Today the union members were served breakfast by the Detectives Endowment Association. […]

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