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Strike Update Day 24 – (3/14/2008)

Day 24 – The mystery car has been solved (kind of)… It appears that it belongs to some type of security that the nursing home has hired. That still doesn’t explain why they can park on the street whenever they like.     Today the union members were served breakfast by the Detectives Endowment Association. […]

Lynn’s 1199 Rally Speech

Hello,   My name is Lynn Schwarz and I am the Vice President of the Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association.   Today we have music by our local group, the “Shameless Manipulators,” and are joined by our community partners: Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club, Cannon Heights Housing Coop, Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Assn Inc., Northwest […]

Phil’s 1199 Rally Speech

Hello everyone, Welcome to Cannon Place!   My name is Phil McDonnell, I am President of the Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association. Our motto is “Neighbors Working Together”.   Together, we are privileged to be supporting 1199 SEIU workers in their fight for a fair contract. After all, health care workers need health care!   […]


On Thursday, March 13, 2008, on the recommendation of the NYCDEP, the KHRCC built plywood enclosures around each generator on the huge lights on the sidewalk in front of 3400-26 Cannon Place.   Later that evening one of the generators smoked and went off. A second generator caught on fire and the Fire Department responded. […]

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