F.I.P.N.A. Speech to Community Board 8

Here is a speech that our Vice President – Lynn Schwarz delivered to the Community Board 8 at their monthly meeting on March 11, 2008.


I would like to thank CB 8 for its’ help in getting the fence at 3333 Giles Place
fixed. Unfortunately, it has fallen again and we hope that you will help us again, if
necessary. It seems that the new standard for city agencies is now shabby and


One of the primary purposes of government is to assure the peace and
tranquility of the community. The people of the neighborhood around the KHRCC are
being held hostage and abused by the operator of this facility.


Every night, huge lights that companies use when they film at night, constantly
powered by large generators, create intolerable noise and light conditions. The
generators have been tested several times by the DEP and the noise is always
measured above the legal limit. The noise continues unabated for twelve continuous
hours. One violation has been issued. The lights shine in residents and KHRCC
patients with a brilliance that outshines daylight. We have even suggested
alternative sources of illumination (without the noise generator and high impact
lights, which she could purchase at Home Depot). Have the lights and generators
been order to be shut off or confiscated so that people can sleep? Of course not,
because this is the Bronx and anything goes if you have influence and money.


These conditions are being allowed to continue with the compliance of every
single agency charged with ensuring that disruptive behavior is curtailed. As a
matter of fact, we have been told that there is nothing wrong as this is needed for
security purposes. Really? Pass by there tonight and see for yourself. Our elected
officials should be ashamed that the agencies they regulate and fund, and that the
laws and regulations that they pass, have been systematically flouted with complete
impunity. Let us be very clear – a single fine or violation means absolutely nothing to
someone who makes millions every year from our tax money.


This has been an outrageous failure of the system to protect its citizens from
abuse. I am asking every member of CB8 to do whatever they can to help us stop
this continuing harassment of our community. We need a “Cease and Desist” order
from DEP for the noise from the current lights.


~ Lynn Schwarz


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