Strike Update Day 15 – (3/5/2008)

Today I received an update from the Union Execs that the members picketing will no longer be banging pots and pans or making any more noise than is necessary to facilitate a normal demonstration. They will be chanting, singing and clapping but will refrain from using any external sources to create noise. This is to alleviate the unnecessary noise that some members of the community were complaining about.


Personally I thought that even though the banging was excessive it was contained to decent hours. I realize some people work nights and my idea of decent hours might not be theirs, however normal strike demonstrations between 10am – 7pm are not excessive in my opinion.


One note of interest to the local neighbors on Giles and Cannon, on March 15, 2008 from 11am – 4pm there will be a rally and march starting at Giles and winding its way through Cannon. There will be some speakers talking to the crowd in front of the nursing home and it is expected to be a very large crowd. If you need to go somewhere that day I would plan in advance since I am sure it will be hard to get in and out on that day. Flyer’s will be sent around to all Giles and Cannon homes this weekend to let everyone know.


The union has expressed interest in having an open dialog with us, they need to hear any concerns you have and are willing to do whatever they can to alleviate any problems their members are causing. If you have any concerns feel free to contact me here and I will certainly relay the information to the point contact of the union.


Until tomorrow, Stand Strong!


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One response to “Strike Update Day 15 – (3/5/2008)”

  1. Tomasz Skorupski

    I’m ,reading news about strike every day,but unfortunately I stayed sick/2long days I,m in bed with fever/I hope I come back soon for the strike.I would like to say HELLO,STAND STRONG for my FRIENDS.See you soon
    Tomasz Skorupski

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