Strike Update Day 14 – (3/4/2008)

Today brought some unwanted force by the police department against the union members. The police department made the members remove their folding table and canopy that they had setup behind their RV that is parked on the street. This table and canopy has been setup since the first day of the strike. If you look at the picture below you can see the blue canopy behind the SEIU RV. So basically it is not ok to have a 10 x 10 canopy that is covering food, but it is ok to have 5 generators (that are breaking the noise law) sitting on a public sidewalk. Funny how nobody seems to care about that!




These union members are out there 24 hours a day keeping the picket line going, through rain, snow and freezing temperatures. The table was setup so that the members can get a warm cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat. The canopy protects the table during inclement weather. Now they have nothing, no where to eat or grab a warm coffee without standing out in the rain or snow getting soaked.


My heart broke today when I saw the members eating dinner in the pouring rain. These are PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS! They are not animals that need to stand in the rain and eat dinner. It is bad enough that they are being corralled into pens when they are on the picket line.


I guarantee that you will never see the police out in the cold or rain when they are there watching the strikers. Granted they don’t have canopy’s or food tables but they do have nice warm cars that they sit in and food or coffee is just a radio call away!


Come on 50, stop being so aggressive with the people that are out there because of an unfair labor practice to start with.


Till tomorrow, Stand Strong!


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