Day 8 – (2/27/2008)

Day 8 for the strike at Kingsbridge Heights and the union had a great turn-out once again. The were joined by the members of the Amalgamated maintenance union in their march for a contract.


We are still trying to get the bright lights shut down without much success. We have had DEP here 3 nights in a row and each night the sound level of the generators have been above legal levels and violations have been issued. It is ashame that nobody can actually just shut them down. The police department won’t take responsibility to do it, DEP said all they can do is issue violations. So we are stuck with this awful light that makes the night unbearable to get through, between the noise and the light it is amazing anyone gets any sleep in this neighborhood.


F.I.P.N.A. made the front page of the Riverdale Press with the President’s comments about the light issue we have with the nursing home. Read the full article here.


We also had an incident today where the nursing home spilled gasoline while filling the generators for these lights and did not properly stop the spill or clean it up. The Fire Department was called to remedy the situation.






Till tomorrow, stand strong 1199 SEIU!

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