Day 7 – (2/26/2008)

Not much to report today. It was a rainy nasty day but the union showed up in force to man the picket lines. There is still no negotiations going on at this time according to the union.

As far as the lighting issues that the community is facing we still do not have any resolution. The DEP has come out and investigated our complaints about the bright lights and noise that the generators are making and found that they do in fact violate noise laws. DEP has issued a violation to the nursing home but does not have the ability to shut down these lights. I would have thought that the Police department could step in and enforce the noise law but I was wrong. We have been in contact with the community affairs officer and have been told that there is nothing he can do in regards to actually shutting these lights down. He can only issue a violation for noise as well.

Who can help? This is absurd that someone can break the law and be allowed to continue to break the law because no one wants to step up to the plate and take responsibility. We have contacted many agencies already and are now working our way up to the Mayors office and then the media.

If you have not had a look at what these lights look like in the community, have a look: (these pictures are at night!!!! Looks like daylight no?)




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